Everything important at a glance? You can find that here. All minutes and bylaws, info about our finances and everything you need to know about elections! I still have questions or comments? Then feel free to write us an email!



Why are there protocols?

Can’t remember everything you talked about at your last project meeting? Neither do we! Therefore, we keep minutes at all meetings.
All topics, resolutions and discussion points can be read here at any time.
That way, even if you couldn’t attend the meeting, you’ll be up to date!

What do protocols contain?

In the protocols you will find the most important information of the meeting.
Whether you are interested in information about the upcoming party, the results of the last rectorate meeting or the latest acquisitions of our “shopping queen”, you have come to the right place! Don’t feel like reading the minutes to stay informed? Then just come to our sessions!


Why statutes?

How, where, what? These are precisely the issues that are set out in the statutes. Here you will find all the rules that apply to us as student representatives. Whether it’s election, finances, or the composition of our committees. It says it here!

What do statutes contain?

The following four statutes regulate everything that needs to be regulated. The electoral statutes and the contribution statutes are fairly self-explanatory. The structure of our bodies is regulated in the Articles of Organization. A job description and the authority of the persons are also listed here. The financial regulations govern everything that, “surprise!”, has to do with finances. Here, the allocation guidelines for the student councils are particularly important.


Your vote counts!

Vute? No vote! Once a year you have the opportunity to elect your student representatives to the university’s committees. These are the Faculty Council (FR), the Senate and the Student Parliament (StuPa). The elected members represent your interests at the various levels and thus conduct so-called university policy.
For example, we lobbied for the special rules for the last phase of the exam.


And who actually represents me now?
You can find the results of the last election here.

How does that actually work with the election?

Elections are usually held the week before Pentecost. A few weeks prior to that, students are being sought to run for the various committees. You want to run for office? Then get in touch with us and your student council!
On the day of the election, you may then (usually) come to the auditorium and cast your votes. If it is not possible for you to be there, you can also request absentee ballots.



The AStA gets 8€ from your semester fee. But what do we do with all that money? Is that how we finance beach vacations and cocktails?

No! Funding must be spent for the benefit of all students. This includes, for example, the cooperation with the KIT University Sports Center. To make events like the Erstifest, Frühlingsfest or the O-Phasen possible, the AStA offers a rental service.

The student councils also get a piece of the pie so that they can ideally represent the interests of their students.

Anyone who wants to know more can take a look at ourbudget for 2021 here.

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