As you can see, we have a new website! In order to tailor this to you as much as possible, we’ve sent you a little survey. You can find the results of this survey here.

The participants

– 205 participants
– From all faculties
– 87 female | 109 male
– Even distribution of the faculties
– No particular abnormalities

“AStA?.. I know it!”

– 93.7% of you have heard of the AStA! So we don’t have a name recognition problem! That is already quite good!

“In what context have you heard of AStA?”

The AStA is primarily known for events (parties, introductory events, freshers’ week, elections, performances) followed by advisory services and contacts to the student council. Many of you are not familiar with the services offered by the AStA. That’s why we have them for you now at the sidebar on the right. You can find them on every page.

What are (in your opinion) the most important tasks of the AStA?

Consultations, support of first-year students and announcements are the most important tasks of the AStA for you. You want to be supported in your studies and problems! We have taken this to heart and designed many flow charts, in addition, there are individual pages for all services and for first-time students the firstycompass with all the important information about the start of studies!

The AStA advocates for my concerns in terms of university policy, do you agree? (1= no, not at all | 7=absolutely)

On average, you feel well represented (all values above 4 correspond more to agreement). The values are rather in the midfield, many students do not seem to be able/want to evaluate this statement clearly. Here we have found room for improvement > You can find more info on the bulletin board and the university policy page.

Do you feel sufficiently informed by the AStA about its activities? (1= no, not at all | 7=absolutely)

You rather feel that you are not sufficiently informed about the activities of the AStA. 26 people do not have the feeling of being informed at all. There was still a need for optimization at this point. We have therefore designed the homepage as an information platform for you. You will find all important and current information at first glance!

“More results?”

You can find ithere!