Welcome to Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, welcome to student life. We have compiled all the important information for you here. Further
can be found in our current Erstiheft.

Inform at the AStA and/or at the student council
There you can get information about your studies over a cup of coffee or tea. If you have any questions or problems, you can always find help and advice there.

BAföG advice
At the student union (KIT Campus). The start of BAföG payments depends on the month of application, so don’t put it off for too long. You can find the necessary forms in the AStA or online on the homepage of the Studierendenwerk.

Buy city map/ city guide
Whether apartment tour or pub crawl
– for students in their first semester it is definitely worth getting a city map. You can get help at the city’s citizens’ office on the market square, at bookstores, or at the AStA.

Get apartment
Overviews of all student residences in Karlsruhe are available at the AStA, and private apartment advertisements are posted on the bulletin board in the A-Bau. Otherwise, advertisements in daily newspapers and regional advertising papers, fraternities and sororities help,
Notices at the KIT (Mensa and Student House)
and online portals. Since the apartment search
is becoming increasingly difficult, you should use all options in the search.

Register new residence
This should be done officially within a week after the change of location. If you register your first residence here, the city of Karlsruhe will give you a welcome package, which includes a semester ticket and a shopping voucher for 50.

Obligation to pay broadcasting fees
You can get applications at the AStA office
or at the social welfare office at your primary residence
(Rathaus West, Kaiserallee 4,
if this should be Karlsruhe). If you
BAföG, vocational training allowance (BAB)
or training allowance, is an
exemption possible. You can find more info

Literature for your studies
Are you available mainly in the library in the
A-Building. In addition to printed books, you will find a wide range of electronic media. As a service, you can order books from the KIT Library collection to be picked up at the HS Library via the Internet. Usually there is some kind of book list from each professor. There is a lot of helpful training in the library during the semester to help find and work with this literature.

Semester fee
The contribution consists of:
• 77,70€ Student union fee
• 70€ contribution to administrative costs
• 8€ student body contribution
Payment processing takes place via the online
Service at https://www.hs-karlsruhe.
de/online-services.html takes place.

Explore “foraging opportunities”
In the HS canteen, the KIT canteen, in the local fast food restaurants, pubs and restaurants. The CampusCard, which is also your student ID, is used as a means of payment in the refectory and cafeteria.

University Sports
Registration here.

Get it at the KVV offices or online if you are traveling by public transport in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area. Read more in the chapter “The Karlsruhe Studi-Ticket”.

Address directory
Here you will find various info from cinema about
quarry ponds and nightclubs to libraries
and museums.

Volunteering in Karlsruhe
In Karlsruhe there are many opportunities to
to volunteer. To find a suitable
honorary office the city has a
Volunteer exchange initiated on the city website.
Engineers without Borders