To become part of our team, you must meet exactly one requirement: Be a student at the university.

We are also just normal students who do the tasks of the AStA voluntarily and on a voluntary basis because we enjoy it.

We are happy to welcome everyone who dares to look beyond their own nose and would simply like to drop in and get involved. The officially elected representatives are always happy to receive support and cannot perform the various tasks without it.

So if you are interested or maybe just want to have a chat over a coffee, feel free to drop by anytime!

You can do all this with us

You’re into organizing events or have a vision of the perfect party, whether it’s a techno-rave or a reading circle? Then you’re right with us! Are you an organizational talent and do you always have an overview of everything?
You would like to support others in mastering their studies, always have an open ear for everyone and like to help?
Do you have a vision for your studies and want to get involved in university life? Then you’re right with us!

You don’t find yourself up there at all? Even then you are right with us!
From organizing movie screenings in our AStA cinema, creating posts for our social media channels, hosting various events from the International Dinner to the volleyball tournament or even maintaining the IT infrastructure.

In our AStA there are so many different areas of responsibility and there are so many different tasks that everyone finds their niche and there is always something to do. Here, everyone can let off steam and find something they enjoy. Each semester is a new opportunity for new and old ideas to be contributed, planned and implemented.
As long as you feel like getting involved and enjoy working in a team, all our doors are always open to you, no matter what you study or what skills you bring to the table.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

We organize these events

In order to provide variety in our daily study routine, we organize a number of events each semester. This includes, for example, the annual summer or spring festival, where we transform our campus into a celebration and dance floor. For those who want to get some work done and get it done, we support the university’s Writing Night, an afternoon of tinkering and sharing late into the night on open submissions, project or bachelor’s theses. The Studibar offers all faculties a space to realize smaller events. Here, everything from simple coffee drinking, a board game night to a mulled wine rave is possible. Our International Department also organizes the International Dinner, and our Cinema Department provides cultural entertainment in the form of the AStA Cinema.
Unfortunately, this is only possible to a limited extent at the moment, which is why we have recently launched the AStAfaris stream with a cross-section of everyday student life on Twitch. Every Friday, you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with our speakers and spend the evening “together”.



So just come and visit us! It doesn’t matter if you already know exactly what you want to do, if you don’t have a plan at all yet, or if you just want to listen! Just stop by our office or join us for one of the sessions.
Our meetings are held every Monday at 6:00 pm and usually last between an hour and an hour and a half.

At the moment, the meetings take place online and will probably stay that way for the time being. That is why the office is only open on a reduced basis at the moment. Nevertheless, we often sit together digitally after our session, eat, play or have a drink together.