For each area of responsibility, we have a so-called unit, in other words, an office with a certain level of responsibility.
Here you will find all areas for which there is a permanent contact person in the AStA. If you can’t fit your request into any category, we can certainly join forces to help you anyway!


It is the point of contact for advice in the event of a hardship application, but also helps with finding accommodation or a job, studying with a child and many other questions. You can reach it under


Engages at the faculty level as well as in the individual student councils, in which the O-Phase is organized, summer barbecues are held together, or exam collections are created. For this purpose, the student council and StuPa meetings are regularly attended. Furthermore, he/she is the contact person for AStA-internal communication.
If you have any questions or topics, just send them to

Public Relations

We write statements and press releases and take care of the AStA’s web presence and social media channels. We make sure that the students of the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences are informed about the current topics in the AStA and at the university. Among other things, it publishes the Ersti-Info.
You can contact us at


We are responsible for the organization and implementation of events. Our primary goal is to provide students with various recreational activities to have a good time at the university. In this way we want to make the campus a lively and welcoming place. In addition, we also maintain cooperations with various event organizers such as the @staatstheaterka in order to be able to offer a varied program. For questions or suggestions you can reach us at


The sports department takes care of the purchase of sports equipment, which can be borrowed free of charge from the AStA office. We also help organize sporting events on campus, such as foosball tournaments. For ideas, suggestions for events or questions you can reach us at


We are the contact for our students from other countries as well as for all questions regarding foreign affairs. During the semester we organize the International Dinner, an event to share experiences and cultures. For questions or suggestions you can reach us at


Responsible for organizing the regularly scheduled AStA Cinema.
Our goal is to bring students from different faculties together. We want to show you that time on campus isn’t just about „studying.“ Film suggestions are always welcome at


Responsible for the infrastructure and questions around the IT of the VS. This includes the maintenance of the e-mail distribution list, the AStA server and much more. You can reach the IT department at


We manage the financial resources of the student body. In cooperation with the student councils and the rest of the AStA, we use these funds to finance the social, cultural or sporting needs of our students. This includes, for example, events such as the foosball tournament or the student pub, but also the equipment of the student councils.
At the end of the year, we prepare the budget with the budget officer so that there will be sufficient funds again next year! If you have any questions, please contact