Are you wondering what that glass box down in the A Building actually is and what goes on inside? What are they doing? AStA?
„AStA“ is the abbreviation for „Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss“. The AStA is the executive body of the student body and is elected and controlled by the student parliament. The student parliament, or „StuPa“ for short, is elected every year by all students.

What makes us and our AStA

Formally, we are the contact for all problems, questions, ideas and wishes of the students and the student bodies of the university.
But that is by far not all!

We plan events, we think about how to best organize the studies at the university, we communicate with the students and the rectorate, but we also just sit together and chat about God and the world.

Behind the scenes the AStA is a team that tackles all possible and seemingly impossible things together and tries to achieve something together!

The AStA-Structure

The board of our AStA consists of four persons: Two chairpersons, one financial officer + deputy. In addition, there are eight units, each of which is staffed by two students.